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     However, Kang Boda mechanical and electrical equipment (shenzhen) co., LTD. Is China's only a registered trademark of "doa" industrial cleaning equipment manufacturers, the company nearly 30 years development, covers an area of 20000 square meters, ultrasonic cleaning machine industry enjoys a good reputation in China. At the same time the company actively respond to the ODS cleaning industry in China's overall selection plan takes the lead in the introduction of the world's most advanced "water element carbide vacuum technology" which has been widely used in automotive, electronics, hardware, etc.

    In order to effectively solve the environmental protection of cleaning industry is put forward under imminent serious requirement, the company continuously explore more high-end, more cutting-edge cleaning equipment, producing 2003 domestic first hydrocarbon vacuum cleaning equipment, and the product to the Chinese market, to the southeast Asia and around the world. Currently owned cars, electronic appliances, optics photoelectric, aerospace, hardware machinery and other industries more than 3000 new and old customers.

    Along with the development of the company, at the request of the customers, doa group was established in 2009, however, Kang Boda mechanical and electrical equipment (Shanghai) co., LTD., a corporation "doa" manufacturing base in the east China area and sales service centers, industrial workshop, has more than 3000 square meters, staff 300 people, more than 30 people, specialized technical and after-sales engineer 25, marketing service agencies for east China area user provides ultrasound technology solutions derived from head office, perfect sales service network for east China area customers provide a comprehensive range of services and support, direct service 24 hours a day.

    30 years of "wave of ultrasound with leading technology development platform and superb manufacturing capability, with its broad mind seeks to grow together with the users and suppliers. In addition, relying on solid technical strength and rich practical experience, can provide customers with all kinds of equipment more special application scheme comparison, structural design, system configuration and the key parts in the production of a full range of solutions, assist you in developing a new application domain! We constantly innovation in equipment manufacturing quality, equipment performance accuracy has been perfect and improve, the company has many years experience of excellent mechanical, electrical, mold engineer, with the concept of "keep improving, forge ahead", focus on each product details, to meet customer demand for high-end products.

     Wave talent based on "wash heart world" as the enterprise mission, and continuously research and development and produce all kinds of domestic and foreign high-tech enterprises meet the high quality of ultrasonic cleaning equipment, continue to maintain "the only batch export industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine enterprises" characteristics, strengthen open up the domestic market, continuously improve product exports, for the international market to provide more variety, higher quality products. With our excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service, return the new and old customers to our trust and support. We firmly believe that to enter the international market, will drive the technology content of our products and to improve the product quality. At the same time, we are also continuously improve the enterprise management and quality management, in has implemented ISO9001:2008 quality management system, on the basis of reference to domestic and foreign advanced management ideas and methods, through cultivating and promoting the comprehensive qualities of personnel, adhere to the "people-oriented" principle, to achieve the purpose of improve enterprise management.

Company honor:

China has provided most industrial cleaning solutions for manufacturers    One of China's first participation in the research project of the enterprise

China's first hydrocarbon environmental cleaning equipment manufacturers   China's only bulk exports industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment

China's first gas phase (trichloroethylene) washing machine manufacturers    China's first optical glass washing machine manufacturers

China's first transistor ultrasonic generator manufacturers   China's first piezoelectric transducer (shock) manufacturers

China the first standardized cleaning machine export the United States    With 30 years experience in industrial cleaning equipment research and development manufacturing




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